Teacher Hermie (Since January 2010)
My name is Hermie. I have been with this online teaching job for over three years now and hope to stay longer. Why? Aside working from the convenience of home and earning extra income, I enjoyed sharing ideas with my Japanese students that I regarded them as my friends more than as students. Japanese are pure and simple. It is heartwarming that I was able to acquire the friendship of these people who shared their lives with me. Who wouldn’t look forward to this experience every day? I would forever treasure the laughter, the joys, even sorrows and most of all the lessons in life we shared.

Teacher Susan(Since September 2011)
My name is Susan and I have been teaching English online from home for almost 7 years now. With this experience, I can say that I am fully satisfied. Not only I can save a big portion of my wage but also I own my time which makes me choose when to work. Teaching English online to Japanese gave me a lot of benefits. I learned to value time more than before, I became more interested in history and culture which led me to try cooking Japanese foods, my political interest become wider and most of all I learned to be more professional.

Teacher Callie(Since May 2012)
When I started as a part time online English teacher for Japanese I was still in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Industry as a full time employee. Looking back, I had zero teaching experience and probably the nearest that I had was tutoring my younger cousins way back in my school days. Not in my wildest dream could I have imagined choosing this job over my seven years career in the BPO but surprisingly when I have tasted the freedom and time flexibility that this online school is providing then I started to realize that this is the kind of job I want to do for the rest of my life. Well I know that last phrase may sounds like an overstatement but let me tell you how. I like dealing with Japanese students in a day to day basis. They are among the most polite and professional people I have ever met. I feel that my personal life improved because of them and I am thrilled by the fact that I became more well-equippedand knowledgeable as I continue to find ways on brushing up my craft for my students.

Teacher Oyet(Since July 2012)
Hi, I’m Oyet. Teaching online for more than a year now made a better me. Technology helps me a lot and students have access to the sources during discussion. Hassle and worry free from the traffic congestion, good earnings are just few from the advantages we could find. Moreover, teaching Japanese students is a plus factor. As they actively engage in
conversation, they are knowledgeable in many things and the eagerness they have in learning the language will surely motivate you as a teacher.

Teacher Lina(Since May 2013)
Lina, 44 years old. Finding a job at my age may not be possible nowadays. But since jobs online require minimal physical exertion, age is typically not an issue. I’ve been an online English tutor to Japanese students for six months now and I can say Japanese are professional, friendly and have high respect for Filipino teachers. Talking to them gives me an opportunity to share my own culture and it also provides me a chance to expand my horizon. This
job is amazing! Income opportunity is great and the possibilities are endless. It gives me freedom to get comfortable with my work environment and I can practically earn and enjoy at the comfort of my own home.

Teacher Mela(Since July 2013)
I am Mela. I have tried many times to find ways to have a work and life balance for my family. Having found home based online teaching is the best decision I have made. I find myself learn more about the value communication through the universal language of English, dedication, effort and time management. Faced with different learners everyday, I feel that not only do Japanese learn English but also I learn from the good characters they have such as value for tradition, custom and most especially respect for all.