Be our teachers


  1. Graduate of any two years course (undergraduate students are also welcome)
  2. Must be 20 to 55 years of age
  3. Must have 6 months experience or more
    • School Teacher of any subjects
    • Online English Teacher
    • Private English Tutor
    • Call Center Agent
    • OFW working in English Speaking Countries
    • Local Workers who work in a multinational companies

    * If you are fluent in English, no prior experience is required.

  4. Good in pronunciation and grammar
  5. Computer literate
  6. Friendly, approachable and well-mannered
  7. Must have a personal computer, internet connection, headset and web camera(Wireless internet connection as USB modem is not acceptable.)
  8. Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status(Residence from abroad are not qualified.)

Got no experienced but got potential?
You are very welcome here! As long as you have a keen knowledge of grammar and a good accent!

Work Schedule
  1. Regular schedule
    Must be willing to work for 3 hours or more in a day
    Must have open slots for 3 days or more in a week
  2. Early morning schedule
    Must have open schedules for 2 hours or more between 3:00am and 7:00am.
    Must have open schedules for 5 days or more in a week.
  3. Sunday schedule
    Must have open slots for 5 hours or more within one’s preferred schedule
    Must have open slots every Sunday

Further information for Online English Teachers and Expert Online English Teachers

Teachers’ Fee
  1. Lesson Fee
    • Starting fee: Ranges 50 pesos to 80 pesos per lesson.
      It will base on your skills as a Tutor and experiences.
    • We have a “raise system” on lesson fees.
    • We have “Incentive system” for good teachers.
  2. Raise system
  3. Evaluation criterias to be rank up
    • Number of open slots
    • Number of lessons
    • Reservation rate of a teacher
    • Working rate of Saturday and Sunday
    • Abides company rules
    • Lesson evaluation from students
  4. Sample Earnings
    • Full timer teachers (200 hours a month) : P8,000 – P18,000
    • Part timer teachers (100 hours a month) : P4,000 – P8,000
  5. Payment transaction
    • Our teacher’s salary is paid through BDO internet banking on the fifth of every month.

Pinas Guidance System

All of the following guidance steps should be completed 2-3 days to get started of the training that will be held online.

  1. Guidance Steps
    • Preparation of your self-introduction
    • Preparation of your pictures
    • Study our rules
    • Study our lesson procedure
    • Conducting a demo lesson with our staff

Pinas Training System

All new teachers are required to complete the training to get started.

    1. Training System Procedures and Contents

Time Duration: 90 minutes

    • Session 1 [Good Greetings]
    • Session 2 [Topic Procedure]
    • Session 3 [Online Teaching Skills]
    • Session 4 [Website News Lecture]
    • Session 5 [Demo Lesson with a student]
    • Session 6 [Feedbacking of Demo Lesson Result]

Here are the following procedures.
  1. Sending an application formApplicants should apply through “online application form”.
  2. Getting our interview instructionThe interview instruction page will appear automatically upon clicking the “Send” button on the application form. You will also receive an email that contains the interview instruction page url.

    Note: If you don’t receive any email, please try to find for it in your spam folder.

  3. Online English grammar examination
    All applicants have to take a grammar examination which takes for 20 minutes. And the result will be given upon.

    Note: If you are unable to meet the required score of grammar examination. You cannot proceed to the next step.

  4. Interview through Skype
    The interview will take approximately 10 minutes .

    Note: The interview is applicable to those applicants who pass the grammar exam only.

  5. Final result
    Notification of final result will be given within five days by an email.
  6. Completion of guidance and Basic Training
    For 4 – 5 days.
  7. Preparation to start
    Creating of skype ID account and plotting your slots