Be one of the Pinas Group’s excellent teachers!

Did you know that some of our excellent teachers did not have any teaching experience?
That some of them are just plain housewives?
They did not even know that they got talent in online tutorial job.

How could these teachers get a lot of students?

Here are some feedback we got from their students:
1. Teacher J is very kind and friendly. Her good attitude never changes. She always gives me some useful expressions.

2. Teacher B is very funny. I always feel comfortable and happy on her lesson.

3. Teacher G is a very good listener. He always listened to my talk carefully.

4. I really like the teaching strategy of teacher A. She always corrects my mistakes and explain them kindly.

5. I always have fun conversation with teacher M. She got lots of knowledge about Japan than I. And she always prepares very interesting topics on our lesson.

Do you think you got these qualities that our excellent teachers have?

Well, you must be the person we are looking for!