Envisioning of working from home?


Working from home certainly has its benefits, particularly at this time of year – no commutes pressed up against less-than-fragrant businessmen, no clock-watching.
Working from home surely has its advantages. No hassles from commuting at rush hours, no clock watching and no transportation fee spending.
1. Dress Properly
If you’ve spent the past few years zipping yourself into neat skirts or trouser suits every morning, working in your pyjamas can have a certain allure.
Resist the temptation. Although it might seem fun – even a bit naughty -to be taking calls in your skimpies, it is a slippery slope.
2. Learn to assign things
Usually a male skill, being able to compartmentalise is an essential part of working from home.
If you leave papers all over the house and the laptop open in front of the telly, you’ll never really switch off.
‘Make one part of your house your office space and make sure you can close the door on it and leave it behind. ‘It’s important that the rest of the house remains somewhere to relax, otherwise you will be unable to escape thoughts about work, and will feel continuously stressed.’
3.Gear up your home office
Make sure you have a proper chair (you’ll be spending a lot of time there) – mesh-backed or good comfy leather seats are always worth investing in.
A spacious desk near natural light, a bright lamp and a filing cabinet, where you can store all your papers, work-related bills and other office paraphenalia, are also essential.
Good storage means that at the end of your working day, you can pack everything away and out of sight, allowing you to relax and separate work from play.
Working from home can be a joy provided you have a dedicated and uplifting space