How to Become A Good English Teacher?


In educational world, English is a lesson that is useful to make students develop their knowledge, confidence and skills. Unfortunately, developing English Language is not easy because Japanese students need good English teacher who can teach them well. We are looking for persons who likes to communicate with our Japanese students. We offer on-line lessons by Skype. If you are a new English teacher and wants to become a good one, don’t hesitate to join our team here in Pinas Academy.

Passion for Teaching


Working as an online tutor is a great way to earn some extra money. It is perfect for college students, retired professionals, professionals looking for extra income and work-at-home moms and dads. But online tutoring is not only a job, but also a responsibility. Be sure you have what it takes to help students reach their goals!

Strict Observance of your Business Manner


New and pioneer teachers are required to use good manner English on the lesson, emails, queries, chat on Skype and so forth.
Having a strict discipline on one self’s business manner can lead to good relationship between your clients and Pinas Academy’s management.
Pinas teachers should teach proficient English to our students.
We want every of our student to have a good command in English. So we should be a good model for them.

Facts of Working Online

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As of this moment, there are already millions of people who are enjoying the benefits that they get from their online jobs, Yes, as of now there are already countless of people who have decided working online. This is truly a wise idea and the people who are now doing it will prove that there are loads of benefits here compared to the usual 8-5 hour work.
You work at the comfort of your own home and you hold your time. It is more comfortable because you can work without having the need to wear office attire. There is also no need to travel or commute and you will not encounter traffic. Aside from that, you need not to worry about a boss anymore because you are now the boss. Since you hold your time, you can now have spare instance for your family and friends. You are now the boss so you can go to work anytime you want.
Everything is right at your fingertips. This is your own world and in this world you are the ruler.

Tips to pass Pinas Academy Screening.


1. Use a quality headset.
2. Prepare a silent and a private room.
3. Review English grammars.
4. Wear your proper dress.
5. Have a Skype sound test and internet speed test prior to interview time.
6. Use a webcam.
7. Be friendly from your opening greeting until the end.
8. Keep smiling.

Having the Right Job For You!


Are you thinking of choosing or changing your career? Maybe you have been dreaming about a career change but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re getting increasingly bored at work or realizing that opportunities for growth are limited. Or, like many in this economy, you may be unemployed or facing unemployment. Regardless of your reasons, the right career is out there for everyone.
Discover how to find the best career path for you, including finding the courage to make a change, researching options, realizing your strengths, and learning new skills. Are you a kind of person who always wants to stay at home and spend time with your family? Do you want to have enough time to spend with your friends? If your answer to the said questions is yes then it is now time for you to think of working online to.

The Good Things about working from Home


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work from the comfort of your own home?

You have all of the benefits that come with working from home. You save money on commuting costs. You set your own schedule.
In Pinas Academy, you can freely handle your time. You work within the comfort and privacy of your home. You have greater freedom and independence among others.

Students Improve through Online Tutoring


Learning English Increases the confidence of students.
It helps to lessen the weakness of the student without feeling nervous or ashamed of being judged by anyone.

Knowing English today is almost a necessity. It is also very useful for one’s personal growth and development.
Learning ESL can help the student to communicate and interact easily in the world.
It helps the student feel less stressed in any situation.

The Importance of English Language


English is the universal language used. It is also known as a business language. It is the number 1 second language learned by all foreign countries.
Everywhere people prefer to learn English language to comunicate with other countries than any other language on the world. English as one of the influential and growing languages is spoken in areas widely scattered over the globe.
Business transactions between Japan and most other nations in the world are conducted in English, so there is a real and growing need for more Japanese to be better able to use English, both spoken and written in their work. English language is the first and foremost criteria whether you are applying for a job or admission in a reputed college, university or institution.

Ordinary English teachers


Graduate of any two years course (undergraduate students are also welcome)
Must be 20 to 55 years of age
Must have 6 months experience or more
School Teacher of any subjects
Online English Teacher
Private English Tutor
Call Center Agent
OFW working in English Speaking Countries
Local Workers who work in a multinational companies

* If you are fluent in English, no prior experience is required.
Good in pronunciation and grammar
Computer literate
Friendly, approachable and well-mannered
Must have a personal computer, internet connection, headset and web camera

(Wireless internet connection as USB modem is not acceptable.)
Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status

(Residence from abroad are not qualified.)

ESL learners in Japan


The ESL learners in Japan are over 13 million as it continuously growing everyday. English learning could give them career advantage, lifestyle enhancement and fulfilled time.
Although Filipinos are non-native English speakers, they are able to have a sound English conversation and good English Knowledge.
Pinas Academy built a useful and helpful project for both Japanese and Filipino to learn fully the English Language.

Expert English teachers

Successful business woman

Graduate of any two years course
Must have 3 years formal teaching experience or more
School Teacher of English subject
Online English Teacher
Private English Tutor
English Writer and Editor

* English Instructor with at least 3 years of experience in teaching TOEIC is an advantage.

* TESOL OR TEFL Certificate holder has an advantage.

Must have high skill grammar
Good in pronunciation
Computer literate
Friendly, approachable and well-mannered
Must have a personal computer, internet connection, headset and web camera

(Wireless internet connection as USB modem is not acceptable.)
Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status

(Residence from abroad are not qualified.)

Online tutor lifestyle


A day in the life of Mommies Online Tutors
1.They browse Japan online news in the morning.
2. They regularly choose interesting topics from English news online.
3. They outline their lesson plan.
4. They usually teach English conversation lesson for 25 minutes.
5. They enjoy and laugh with their Japanese students.
6. They regularly use social networking sites such as facebook, tweeter and others.
7. They watch movies at you tube.
8. They regularly check latest celebrity gossips.
9. They regularly check their internet line condition.

Tips on taking grammar examination


Please remember, every time you are appearing for a new set of questions, so take the examination as many times as possible.

1. The Exam is completely free and no registrations required.
2. You are required to use the latest browsers (Preferably Firefox/ Chrome/ Opera), old versions of browsers are having problems with the exam system.
3. You are provided with 65 questions.
4. Each Question carries 1 mark.
5. Total Time available for taking the test is 20 minutes.
6. If the exam stops in between before completion, please refresh the page/ restart the exam.
7. Please don’t select multiple answers.
8. The pass percentage is 70.

Tips for our aspiring applicants.


It’s not unusual to feel nervous during a job interview. But follow these basic stress-relieving techniques, and you’ll be less likely to feel anxiety during the event. Just remember: the interviewer already knows you’re nervous. There’s no need to advertise the fact with tense muscles, rambling speech and a lack of eye contact.


1. Send a good greeting message.

2. Smile. Smiling makes us seem friendly and confident.

3. Take a moment to answer. Before you answer any questions, take just one moment to inhale a deep breath and give the question some quick thought.

4. Look at the cam.

5 . Relax your body. Is there a lull in the conversation? Use that opportunity to assess your body.

ESL Teaching online

Junge Frau mit Computer

Becoming a good ESL teacher online instructor depends on experience, good sense plus a versatile method of meeting the students’ requirements.

Additionally if we add a modern blend of mastering the new medium of the Internet and maintaining one’s understanding of the current base of education, achieving the status of a great online instructor becomes more challenging.

Raise system


Evaluation criterias to be rank up

  • Number of open slots
  • Number of lessons
  • Reservation rate of a teacher
  • Working rate of Saturday and Sunday
  • Abides company rules
  • Lesson evaluation from students