Five fact that make your student be in bad mood


1. If you consume almost of the lesson time to speak
• Our students’ most satisfaction is to speak much
2. No teaching
• The students want to talk in the lesson and learned at the same time
3. Low level knowledge
• You can never have a good conversation with a narrow global knowledge
4. Question and answer lesson
• Our students do not want to loose their time and money for a meaningless lesson
5. Boring Lesson
• To make our students enjoy throughout the lesson can avoid frustration in learning.

Do you know TOEIC?


Many of the Japanese English learner’s take TOEIC test regularly.
Many of the Global Japanese companies required 605 – 780 Limited Working Proficiency.
In Pinas Group, some of our teachers give English proficiency review test to their students.

The TOEIC Scores
905 – 990 International Proficiency
785 – 900 Working Proficiency Plus
605 – 780 Limited Working Proficiency
405 – 600 Elementary Proficiency Plus
255 – 400 Elementary Proficiency
185 – 250 Memorized Proficiency
10 – 180 No Useful Proficiency

Teaching Online

I love teaching english

Do you Love to teach English? Online teaching is extremely rewarding and takes good time management skills, commitment, organization, planning, active online engagement, technology knowledge, and comfort in writing and conveying your online presence. Pinas Group is looking for online teachers who can teach English to Japanese students online. If you are interested please apply now and join our team.

To our valued Applicants

Our office is still out of service due to the massive power outage brought by the typhoon “Glenda”. It is still unpredictable when will the electricity resume, but it will take a few days more.
By this trouble, we cannot conduct interviews yet. We will just update everyone here once our office’s operations return back to normal.

We deeply apology for this trouble. Please keep safe everyone!

Job Responsibilities


• Provide lessons to Japanese students thru Skype
• Make corrections of student’s pronunciation, grammar and sentence constructions
• Prepare topics for free talking classes
• Teach students about proper pronunciation and grammar

Three types of students


Pinas group has three types of student.

Type A
A student who just want to converse in English
Tip: Give good conversation.
Type B
A student who want to improve his or her English without restriction
Tip: Give a good conversation plus good teaching
Type C
A student who really eager to learned English
Tip: Listen to your student and prepare materials that are helpful to your student.

Our minimum job requirements


• Strong and reliable internet connection
• Internet speed of at least 1 mbps or higher
• Good and conversant English speaking skills
• With pleasant personality
• Have a good quality of camera, headset and microphone
• Has a sense of responsibility
• Candidates must be living in the Philippines

Students in Pinas Group


• Students can choose their teacher.
• Students can evaluate to their teacher.
• Students can complain about their lesson.
• Students can request a lesson they want.
• Students can book a lesson 10 minutes before the time.
• Students can use their mobile phone in lesson.
• Students can book one or more lesson.

Was your June productive?

work-from-home1June was a very competitive month for Pinas Group teachers.

Here are the top three teachers for the month of June:

Top 1 Teacher A with 298 lessons and 20,720 earnings.
Top 2 Teacher B with 254 lessons and 13,670 earnings.
Top 3 Teacher C with 204 lessons and 11,760 earnings.

Is not that a good earnings that you can earn from your home?

Qualities of a Great Teacher

Successful business woman

1. An Engaging Personality and Teaching Style
2. Clear Objectives for Lessons
3. Good Communication
4. Knowledge of Curriculum and Standards
5. Knowledge of Subject Matter
6. Passion for Children and Teaching
7. Strong Rapport with Students

Benefits of Online Teaching


• Work from the comfort of your home
• Flexible work hours
• Earn an extra income
• Help international students with their curriculum
• Great opportunity to hone your international teaching skills
• Learn new technology standards

How to pass on our demo lesson


Demo lesson is important because we’re looking to the ability of the applicant.
Here are the Tips:

1. Correct the grammar and pronunciation of your students
2. Make them speak more. Let them speak 80% and for teachers 20%
3. Make your student enjoy your lesson.

Filipino Versus Japanese Culture


FILIPINO: If you’re a Filipino usually you would greet elders by kissing their hand for respect (mano). The word Po is often used when speaking with an elder or to a superior. Typcially, it is added to the end of a sentence. For example, thank you would be thank you po. In tagalog, salamat means thank you. To an elder you would say salamat po. The word “po” doesn’t really have a meaning but adds formality as a sign of respect. When greeting a friend, Filipinos usually do “beso beso”.

JAPANESE: If you are a Nihonjin, bowing is always necessary. If someone bows to you, bow to the same depth as you have been bowed to. Nihonjins also use honorifics, and they call each other with their last name.

How to make money teaching online


Teaching a language on the Internet is becoming a lot more popular these days, by using Skype people can get jobs related to teaching.
When teaching online you are able to set your own hours and availability. To the applicant want’s to share their knowledge and skills in teaching with qualifications. Pinas Group is open for you and the pay for teaching online is quite good.

Open English is a revolutionary online school with a rapidly growing international student base


We are actively recruiting talented and enthusiastic teachers for our small, online classes. They are the face of Open English, leading live online classes and guiding students eager to become fluent in English.

To teach with us, all you need is a stable internet connection, a headset and a quiet space to conduct lessons. Each week’s lessons will be available ahead of time, Teachers host 25mins Lesson during live sessions, teacher help students improve their pronunciation, form proper sentences and engage in discussions on the day’s topic.