Got no experienced but got potential?


Pinas Academy accepts college graduates who have no experience. Pinas Academy would rather spend time educating these new hires to become skillful Online English Teachers to fit the Pinas Academy family. Although the risk is high due to insufficient job responsibility, Pinas Academy pointed out that it is important to educate non-experience teachers from the ground up. It is an opportunity for non-experience teachers to adapt, to use and develop their characters and knowledge.

Pinas Guidance System


All of the following guidance steps should be completed 2-3 days to get started of the training that will be held online.
Guidance Steps
o Preparation of your self-introduction
o Preparation of your pictures
o Study our rules
o Study our lesson procedure
o Conducting a demo lesson

Website News Lesson


Pinas Academy offers website news lesson is a lesson about news from different online news. To name a few news website, BBC breaking news, CNN breaking news, Fox Reuters, Bloomberg and other Online new site.
Both of the teacher and the learner talk about the issue.
In a website news lesson, the teacher also teach good English expression, grammar and vocabulary and English phonetic sounds of words.

Balance work life and home life.


Filipino lifestyle, most of the mommies stay at home. Do you know after preparing the house hold chores, you can teach Japanese thru online! Yes it can be. In Pinas Academy offers balance work life and house life. Are you full time mum? Fluent in English and have a free time to teach Japanese?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us on skype, please add (pinas_interview)

Free Conversation Lesson


Pinas Academy offer a free conversation lesson is a kind of lesson which is customized with the student’s preference.
In a free conversation lesson a teacher must give 3 topics and ask student to choose. Most interesting topics are about culture and lifestyle, business and economy, politics, foods and health, travel and other topics.
In a free conversation lesson, the teacher teach good English expression, grammar and vocabulary and English phonetic sounds of words.

Full-time Mommies


Most of our teachers are house wives and fulltime mommies they stay home and earn at the same time. Working at home had all the benefits, you can save money on commuting cost, you can set your own schedules and you can work within your comport with your kids.
We invite fulltime mommies and housewives to join to our team.

Japanese influences on the Filipino culture


Japanese influences manifested our love to work. Dignity of labor and working hard were one of the values that Filipinos were widely known, love for cartoon/anime series also, their being respectful because as you can observe Japanese people loves to bow their heads in giving respect and acknowledgement to another person and sometimes we Filipinos do the same, taking off slippers or shoes when entering your or other’s house and also, the prevalence of Japanese restaurants in the country is one proof that we’re also being influenced in our choice of foods.

Students in Pinas Academy


Pinas academy provides English lesson for Japanese English learners thru skype
1 lesson is for 25minutes. Our students are ranges from children to 70 years old.
Most of our students are thirties and forties. English level of most of our students are beginner level or intermediate level some of them are introductory level or advance level.

No time pressure


In Pinas academy, teachers can choose their own schedules freely.
The minumum working hours is 3 hours a day.
There will be no more hazard in transportation. This is the most ideal job to those who do not like pressure from tight schedule.

Pinas Academy

Pinas Academy, we are empathetic about our teaching service, and committed to a great improvement for the better. We encourage our Online Teachers to express their individuality at work, whatever level you’re at, we will always encourage you to embrace cultural chances learning and make your mark.
If you have empathy and affection for providing good English conversation lessons through exceptional behaviors, apply to Home Base Online English Now.

Strategies for Online Teaching

Modern education and online learning

Online teaching is increasingly common at many types of higher education institutions, ranging from hybrid courses that offer a combination of in-person and online instruction, to fully online experiences and distance learning, best practices for teaching online, and strategies for assessing the quality of online education. Are you interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us on skype (pinas_interview).

The Situation in Japan

More than ten million Japanese visit foreign countries each year, Japanese they do not speak English during the visit. There is no contact with the people of the country. If they could speak English, at least they could talk with people in the countries where they visit. They could visit places on their own or take local tours. Japan has achieved economic power and reputation for producing high quality manufactured goods. Many people throughout the world are interested in Japanese business, technology, and culture. However, there are not many people who understand Japanese.

Importance of Communication Skills to Japanese


Japanese want to speak English fluently because they want to enhance their communication skills and they can communicate with other nationalities easily having effective communication skills is imperative for their success. Positive communication will certainly increase the opportunities for them find in there career and business.

Even typhoon cannot strike our teachers from earning!


The top 3 teachers for the month of July.

Top 1 Teacher A 306 lessons (Reservation rate 100%)
Top 2 Teacher B 230 lessons (Reservation rate 90.2%)
Top 3 Teacher C 228 lessons (Reservation rate 99.6%)

This is one of the major advantages of working at home!
Fine days or rainy days nobody can stop us from earning!

Kudos Pinas Group Teachers!