NOW HIRING! – Stay-in Female Staff in Silang Cavite


NOW HIRING! – Stay-in Female Staff in Silang Cavite

[Silang information]
The Municipality of Silang is located about 40Km south of Metro Manila. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes from Pasay city. It is 20 minutes accessible to Tagaytay. Silang temperature is very comfortable most of the time because of a high elevation place. And it is a good town that has a big nature.


[Our business]
1.Information technology (Internet business, Website creating, Programming)
2.Online English tutor for Japanese English learners.
3. Zumba for local communities

1. Administrative Staff
2. Aspiring Zumba Instructor
*You can apply for both positions if you hope.

[Administrative Staff Job Description]
Line of Business: Online English Tutorial to Japanese English Learners
1. Recruiting for Aspiring Tutors
2. Asses the Tutors
3. Supervise the present Tutors

[Zumba Instructor Job Description]
Line of Business: Provides more Zumba Instructors to local communities.
1. To hold a Zumba Class to local communities
2. To hold a Zumba Class Online

1. Must be stay-in
2. Must be female of 17 to 25 years of age.
3. Must be high-school graduate.
4. Must have a pleasing personality and good values.
5. Must be average English level or higher
6. Welcome to other local islands

[Salary and Conditions]
1.Range of starting fee to 6,000 pesos to 10,000 pesos monthly
2.The salary will be paid twice a month by cash
3.A day off a week and two paid day off a month
4. Transportation expenses will be paid

1. Sending your resume with photo by an email
2. Interview through Skype (It’s available from an internet cafe)
*You need a headset for your interview.
3. Online examinations
4. A final result will be given within five days by an email.