Humour-hearted Japanese man couldn’t wait to see sakura, liven up himself



Haikai- Kawaii Otaku (徘徊かわいいオタク )

A kind of guy that gives bright happy face makes heart skip a bit. Unlikely he is not looking for love, but if he finds it he is likely to abandon it. Haikai- Kawaii Otaku (徘徊かわいいオタク ) often considered to have bad dress-sense and be like playing around , but they’re also kind and thoughtful, so it’s hard to be too judgemental of them.

The cherry blossoms start blooming in Tokyo around the tail end of March, but if  lucky, some of the earlier buds will open a little earlier.

Unfortunately, March has been chilly enough so far that we’re still at least a couple of days before the flowers bloom. Feeling a deep sympathy for everyone who’d come all the way to Tokyo, but wasn’t going to be able to cap their experience in Japan by seeing the pink petals of the sakura. “If only the cherry blossoms would hurry up!, Mother Nature doesn’t take requests, though, so there was only one thing left to do. Simply laugh waiting for cherry blossom to bloom.