Wear Japanese brain-reading device Necomimi, your friends will surely get laugh


Are you tired of hearing the problems of your friends over and over again? If your friend talks so much about their problems and you are starting to get tired of listening to his or her stories anymore the best way to do is showing some funny gestures. It won’t hurt even if you put it on your eyes.
By wearing Japanese invented brain wave technology, the mood of your friends likely changed from being gabby to breezy.
Japanese company Neurowear is creating a range of fashion items that are operated using brainwaves, including a pair of moveable cat ears.

The cat ear product, called “necomimi” is a novelty hair band that is worn in the normal way but features sensors that pick up on brain signals and convert them into visible actions — in this case by wiggling the cat ears.

The ears twitch through a range of different positions, which correspond to different brain activity. So when you concentrate, the ears point upwards and when you relax the ears flop down and forwards. The result is a kick-ass pair of ears that will make everyone at the furry convention / fancy dress party jealous.

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