Japan's culture

Why Japanese middle-aged men go for girl-he dressed?

Rojin kobo On'nanoko Old men-she (ロジン工房-女の子) .Rojin kobo On’nanoko expressed their long compulsive behavior with sc...
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Do you go for English online home base teaching?

If the answer is yes, and you’re in the market for a new opportunity. Pinas Group would like to hear from you. The ...
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Koi sushi, do they taste good as good as they look?

Koi-shaped sushi created by Tansho in Oita prefecture’s Saiki City. They make them by putting pieces of salmon, egg,...
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Japans Koi swimming sushi, amazingly decorative.

The craving of shushi among world’s food eaters is increasing. Sushi creation is becoming more fashionable in many c...
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Japanese Emperor, empress may visit Philippines next year

Japan's Emperor and Empress may visit the Philippines early next year. It will be the first visit to the republi...
Japan's culture

What does smile mean in Japan?

The mystery of the Japanese smile. They say foreigners think it is very strange, so they are likely to misinterpret ...
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How to get a Teaching English Japanese Online Job in Philippines

Over the past years, many Filipinos fluent English speakers thought about teaching English online. Filipinos are rea...
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Hats off to all teachers in the world!

Happy Teacher's Day!